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Description of A.I.type Keyboard Free

A.I.type Keyboard Free is an 'intelligent' keyboard that will learn alongside the user to know his writing habits and, little by little, be able to predict what will be the next word, so that you can write much faster from your Android terminal.

The magic of A.I.type Keyboard Free, in fact, doesn't limit itself to integrate your most frequent used words and phrases to predict what will be the next one. No! Apart from that, it corrects every letter you have written incorrectly, thanks to 'knowing' which word it can possibly be that you're trying to write. That is to say, if you write 'wlakhing', it's most likely to quickly change it with 'walking'.

Quite interesting is the fact that the application will warn you each time you've made an error. That is to say, in spite of making corrections, it will also give you a warning when making them. That way you will know when you are wrong and, more importantly, you will know if the corrector has changed something.

In addition to these benefits, A.I.type Keyboard Free has plenty of personalization options. In fact, it even allows you to embed a sort of background to your keyboard, meaning they will have background images.

A.I.type Keyboard Free is a very useful writing tool. It may be difficult to get used to it in the beginning, but it will take you no time to discover what an excellent addition it is for any Android terminal.

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