Antistress relaxation toys

Antistress relaxation toys


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Description of Antistress relaxation toys

Antistress relaxation toys is an exceptional app that brings together dozens of virtual objects and activities to help relieve stress.

When you start Antistress relaxation toys you'll find a shelf full of all sorts of objects, placed there to help you pause and manage your thoughts in moments of anxiety. Thus you'll find a wide array of objects and activities with no objectives, no rewards – they're just there for you to tap until you calm yourself.

With realistic animation and a pleasant sound, Antistress relaxation toys lets users soothe their minds by doing activities that, through their undirected character, help you keep your anxiety under control. Thus, for example, you'll find one activity that consists of cutting carrots. An endless series of carrots to slice using a sharp knife. You'll also find wooden blocks to stack up, buttons to press, slime to manipulate, sand to draw in, a blackboard with chalk to write on and erase, a table full of cards to arrange, a face to shave, bubble wrap to pop.... In short, a library of objects and activities that are considered relaxing and that genuinely help relieve stress.

Antistress relaxation toys is an exceptional and truly useful app that can help users give their minds a break until the anxiety stops while doing ordinary and relaxing activities.

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