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Description of Audible

Audible is the official Amazon app for Kindle Fire devices that allows you to listen to more than 90,000 different audiobooks on your Fire OS device. You can listen to everything from the latest best-sellers to some of the greatest literary classics, as well as a multitude of contemporary books, both narrative and essay or poetry.

It is important to note that in order to use Audible, you will need to have a registered user account and a subscription. The monthly subscription costs €9.99 but guarantees access to a wide range of audiobooks. What's more, you will normally get a one-month free trial. During this month, not only can you listen to a few audiobooks, but you'll be able to perfectly evaluate whether or not the subscription is convenient for you.

As you might expect, once you start listening to an audiobook, you will find several options that will make your life more comfortable. Chapter navigation, the possibility of adding your own bookmarks, different narration speeds or button-free mode are just a few of the features you will find in Audible. The app can also function perfectly well in the background. Thanks to this, you could be doing any activity on your Kindle device while listening to an audiobook.

Audible is an excellent app for those who want to enjoy their audiobooks wherever and whenever they want. A very useful app for reading enthusiasts.

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