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Description of Bed Wars

Bed Wars is a game of exploration and construction based on the uberpopular Mojang game: MineCraft. Bed Wars has a very clear premise: players have to build beds and prevent other players from destroying them; while they also have to try to destroy their opponents' beds.

At the beginning of the game, you'll need to wait a few moments until the number of online players reaches 16. At that time, the 16 players will be divided into four groups and each of the groups will go to an island very similar to the worlds of Minecraft. On that island you can collect resources and find places where precious materials flow -- and use them to build custom armor. It's on this island where you have to hide all the beds you can. When the time comes, you can start building bridges to the other players' islands and try to destroy their beds.

Bed Wars fuses the wonderful aesthetic and mechanics of MineCraft with a fun and frenetic game premise that will have you building beds like crazy to be the last to continue defending your island.

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