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Description of Brainly

Brainly is a giant community of student users who crowdsource their knowledge and skills to aid each other with their homework. This app is the community's official Android app designed to connect students with thousands of their peers around the world. Dive into the community's nearly infinite knowledge on all kinds of homework problems, including complex math word problems. Now you can either offer help on subjects you're familiar with, or get access to the community's expertise and connect with others around the globe.

The main menu in Brainly displays some of the day's most popular questions. It also gets you in on some of the most widely discussed questions, where you can weigh in with your answer. A quick tap on a question displays a whole bunch of different answers to any given problem. The fact that all of the information generated to answer your questions is community-based means that quite often, you'll get a much more global, open-ended answer on your topic of choice.

If you're not sure how to solve that tricky homework question, or you just read something that you're not totally clear on, Brainly is a great launchpad to find out what you need to thrive in school. In just a couple of seconds, you'll get information about almost any subject.

You can also opt to follow other users or specific topics of interest. That way you'll get to delve deeper into subjects that pique your curiosity. Learn about thousands of different topics and enjoy getting great help from over 60M students thanks to Brainly -- the app for cracking even the toughest homework questions.

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