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(Oct 25th, 2022)
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Description of Brave Browser (Beta)

Brave Browser (Beta) is a preliminary version of the Brave Browser web browser. It comes with additional features that are slated to be incorporated into the standard version. It's a lot more than you might have come to expect from your average mobile browser, in fact, Brave Browser (Beta) is not only a fast, free and secure web browser -- it'll set you up with a built-in AdBlocker, tracking protection, and an optimized data experience. All this comes without an excessive amount of complex settings to configure. Just open up the app and get to browsing.

As with the standard version, in Brave Browser (Beta) there aren't any plugins or external settings to manage or configure. It automatically provides the fastest and safest browsing experience. That means: no pop-ups, no malware, no hassles of any sort.

Likewise, this version offers an alternative for users who -- not wanting to have to constantly deal with ads that bog down their browsing experience -- would also prefer not to eliminate the only possibility of obtaining income that some websites developers have: ads. As an alternative source of revenue, Brave Browser offers its users a token system that values your attention and the time dedicated to each web page, allowing you to generate and accrue a specific browser currency, the BAT. This feature offers you a way to continue to financially support your favorite websites without having to watch ads. Once a month, Brave Browser (Beta) sends a payout for an proportionate amount of BATs to each of the websites you've visited.

Brave Browser (Beta) is an excellent browser for Android. It provides a cushy alternative experience for discerning users along with a fairtrade for web developers. Now you can surf the Internet without having to watch endless ad scrolling or ever having to worry about your data being shared with third parties. It's a win-win, users gain back their privacy (and an optimized browsing experience) still allowing developers to receive financial compensation without ads.

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