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Description of Bricks Ball Crusher

Bricks Ball Crusher is a fun puzzle and skill-based game that takes the premise from the popular arcade game Arkanoid and modifies the gameplay to offer an experience that's as addictive as it is challenging.

The gameplay in Bricks Ball Crusher is simple. All you have to do is eliminate each and every one of the blocks that make up each level. You'll do this using tiny balls and making them bounce into the blocks as many times as the number shown on each one. Unlike in Arkanoid, in Bricks Ball Crusher the balls can't bounce off of anything except the setting. So once you decide which direction you want to send them, you'll completely lose control of the balls.

Just like in Space Invaders, each time your turn ends, the blocks will move a little bit lower on the screen. If they end up reaching the bottom of the screen before you break them all, the game will be over. Although the first levels are really simple, the game adds new elements and mechanics to the setting as you go to make the game extra challenging. That said, to help you with the most difficult levels, you'll have a series of powerups to make it a bit easier.

Both the graphics and sounds in Bricks Ball Crusher are excellent. However, it is recommended to play this title on a device with enough RAM, since the number of elements moving simultaneously can cause significant slowdowns that take away from the excellent final result of the game.

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