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Captain Tsubasa: Ace Showdown

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Description of Captain Tsubasa: Ace Showdown

Captain Tsubasa: Ace Showdown is a soccer game, with the official license of Captain Tsubasa, in which to live exciting matches alongside the characters of this well-known anime. Based on the popular video game Rise of New Champions, this time the title is fully adapted to Android devices, meaning you can now complete exciting plays of merit.

In Captain Tsubasa: Ace Showdown, you will meet the main characters of the anime and enjoy an advanced control system that is one of the novel points of the title. After choosing your team members, you are ready for the referee to blow the starting whistle. From here, you will tap on the joystick to move your players while combining movements by pressing the action buttons.

Throughout each match that you play in Captain Tsubasa: Ace Showdown, you can make innovative crosses and dribble while witnessing the impressive jumps of the players. These actions will allow you to dodge rival tackles while effectively approaching the opponent's goal. The game also shows several animated sequences that will increase the adrenaline in each match.

The goalkeepers enjoy better development than in franchise titles. Moreover, in Captain Tsubasa: Ace Showdown, you will have the option to save with your fists or even stop the ball with your belly. All this significantly enhances the experience of enjoying a soccer game that is totally in tune with the fiction's narrative.

Download Captain Tsubasa: Ace Showdown's APK for Android and enjoy the best Captain Tsubasa mobile video game to date. With new moves and a number of characters to unlock, it won't take long to prove your worth on extensive natural grass playing fields.

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