Captain Tsubasa Zero (Asia)

Captain Tsubasa Zero (Asia)

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Description of Captain Tsubasa Zero (Asia)

Captain Tsubasa Zero is the official video game for Android based on the popular eponymous anime series. Once again, Tsubasa Ozora (Oliver Atom) is back with his crew on their adventures as they pursue the dream of becoming the greatest soccer players in the world.

Join up and come along on the story as you watch events from the original anime unfold as you play. You'll get to relive moments from the original manga, including when Tsubasa arrives to Nankatsu (Niupi/New Team) and train up your skills to face off against Hyuga Kojiro (Mark Lenders).

Game systems are based on gatcha collecting in order to unlock new characters to play with. Plus you'll need to improve your stats as you play each match in order to level up. Matches take place automatically, and are represented in 3D with bobble headed characters. All you have to do is sit back and activate 'special mode' and enjoy as your stats increase suddenly.

Captain Tsubasa Zero is a fun game for fans of the well-known manganime. Plus, thanks to the popularity of the anime show, Captain Tsubasa is back and this time it's just as good as Captain Tsubasa Dream Team.

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