City Airplane Pilot Flight

City Airplane Pilot Flight

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(Oct 20th, 2022)
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Description of City Airplane Pilot Flight

Fly an endless variety of planes through all kinds of vast levels in the arcade flying game City Airplane Pilot Flight.

City Airplane Pilot Flight has simple gameplay that any player can master by completing the game’s tutorial. To fly the plane, just use the small lever on the right side of the screen to control its speed, and gently tilt your device to change directions using the accelerometer of your Android device. Depending on the plane you’re flying, you might also have controls that allow you to land, launch missiles, or rescue disaster survivors.

With each level you beat, you’ll earn coins that you can invest in unlocking new planes and maps where you can put your flying skills to the test.

While it doesn’t have online leaderboards or multiple game modes, any faults are completely eclipsed by the fantastic game experience of City Airplane Pilot Flight.

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Oct 20th, 2022

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