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Description of City Island 3

City Island 3 is the third part of the City Island saga where you basically become the next Robinson Crusoe. In it you find yourself on a desert island and have no other option but to find a way to survive. Using the remains of what seems to be an ancient civilization, you'll have to rebuild everything stone by stone and convince people to come and live on your island, which you have to try to make the richest in the world.

Convert your new home into a tourist haven: build the biggest skyscrapers, most elegant restaurants, and most beautiful sites in the world. There are dozens of different buildings you can create from scratch, with your imagination as being your only limit. Each building will attract a certain number of customers, meaning some will be more profitable than others. Invest in something profitable and enjoy watching your island grow.

If you like simulation and strategy games, City Island 3 combines both elements, along with some gorgeous graphics. You can create an empire by building up your island using the available natural resources, taking advantage of your earnings, and listening to what your customers and neighbors from nearby islands have to say (which you'll be able to visit once you develop modes of transportation).

Each new improvement or building will give you experience to help move you on to the next level, in turn opening up doors for new advances and upgrades. If you know how to take advantage of them, you'll have the most profitable desert island in the seven seas. Get richer than all the other users and keep expanding your territory with smart decisions and smart strategizing.

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