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Description of Coffee Stack

Coffee Stack is an entertaining hypercasual videogame where players will have to go through a route in which they will have to prepare as many coffees to take away as possible. And at the same time, they will have to avoid all the traps that will make them lose money in the final count.

The gameplay of Coffee Stack is as follows: throughout the game, you will go through a sort of path/production line that you will control with one hand. In the first part of the path, your goal will be to collect as many glasses as you can. To do this, you will have to slide your hand along the way and collect glasses and avoid traps. Once you have the glasses, you will have to go through a machine that will pour the coffee. Likewise, you will have to avoid the possible traps that will cause you to lose glasses along the way. Then, you may find hands to give a free coffee to, which will cause you to lose money in the final count. Finally, you will find a machine that puts the lids on the coffee, and it is important not to confuse it with a device that is actually a hydraulic press that will destroy your coffees. Thus, the idea is to keep a watchful eye and not be fooled by what appears along the way. In the end, you will have to serve all the coffees that you have been able to keep during the course, and all that is left over will be converted into extra points.

With the money obtained during the race, you will be able to buy improvements for your small establishment and, little by little, decorate it and turn it into the typical super nice coffee shop.

Coffee Stack is a game with a fun premise and a simple gameplay to test your reflexes and speed of thought while you prepare delicious coffees to go.

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