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Description of Cooking Madness

Cooking Madness is an Android game reminiscent of other hit games such as Cooking Mama or Cooking Fever. This time, your mission is to serve as many customers as as you can before this bustling bar closes!

With colorful graphics and catchy music, you'll really have to get to work to cook all the all the dishes ordered by the customers behind the bar. There's plenty to do In Cooking Madness, everything from cook delicious hamburgers to serve pints of beer!

Time management is crucial in this game, and you'll have to work quickly to be able to serve all your customers. Not only that, but the more levels you beat the faster you'll have to tap the screen to prepare all the orders... so concentration is vital! Serve all the customers to earn loads of coins and be able to upgrade your cooking equipment.

But be careful, the impatient customers will leave if you take too long to serve them, meaning you'll lose money and have to throw their order in the trash. Overall, Cooking Madness is a fun casual game. Give it a try and prove you're the best chef around!

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