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Description of Death Park

Death Park is a first-person horror game that turns you into a young man who's being chased by a dark clown. Using your logic skills and being as stealthy as you can be, you have to move around the city until you can escape from the horrible creature.

Visuals in Death Park are shown in 3D. Use the directional joystick to move around every corner of the city. Plus, you can move the camera by tapping on the screen in any direction. If you place the central white point over each object and tap on the hand button, you can grab any utensil or clue.

It's those very clues that can help you move through each scenario. But beware, because the clown is closer than you think and can discover your location at any time. In fact, it is very important to pay attention to the background music because certain sounds may alert you of your enemy's presence.

Death Park is sure to keep you on your toes as you try to escape from the terrifying clown. Without a doubt, this is a game where the visuals and sounds merge to offer you a truly surprising experience.

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