Drawing Games: Draw & Color

Drawing Games: Draw & Color

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Description of Drawing Games: Draw & Color

Drawing Games: Draw & Color is a drawing app designed for kids where you can have fun while you draw, color, solve puzzles, and use glitter or neon brushes for your designs.

The way Drawing Games: Draw & Color works is easy: when you start the app, you'll find a menu with all the game options offered by the app. You can choose between joining numbered dots, revealing a drawing hidden under a layer of glitter, learning how to draw different objects, and then dedicating yourself to coloring. For example, if you choose the latter option, you can learn how to draw characters, food, and animals thanks to tutorials that give you step by step instructions.

The best thing about Drawing Games: Draw & Color is that it offers a twist: everything you do, you'll do in neon. First, you'll see a guide for the line you have to make; then, all you have to do is paint over that guide using your neon brush with the color you want.

When you finish painting over all the lines, or when you decide that you're done with the drawing, you can save it or move on to the coloring section, where you can fill in your creation with dozens of colors and effects with various pencils, brushes, and sprays. Finally, you can download a video of your coloring process to upload it to your Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp stories.

Drawing Games: Draw & Color is a drawing app that's very different from what you're used to, offering several ways to have fun drawing and explore your creativity and imagination in the process.

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