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Description of Driving School Sim

Driving School Sim is an awesome driving game that'll really put your skills behind the wheel to the test. Try your hand driving some of the most high-power vehicles on today's market. You'll soon be wheeling your way through the world's greatest metropolis with the aim of getting as many victories under your belt as possible. In fact, the competitive component in Driving School Sim is a huge part of the game. You'll compete against your own driving skills to keep ahead in exciting high speed races. Or, alternately, you can also opt to calmly cruise around each scenario freely in a surprisingly detailed landscape that's full of life.

The main mechanic in Driving School Sim isn't too far off from other driving games. You'll need to keep control of your vehicle at all times by tapping on the pedals located to the right, meanwhile you'll also have to adjust your direction -- by physically tilting your smartphone slightly -- in order to head in a specific direction. Along with these basic controls, Driving School Sim also includes a series of other add-on functions that don't have much of an effect on playability, but do allow you to get even further fully immersed in the game experience. Among these features you'll find: emergency lights, a safety belt option, and a fully functional windshield wiper system.

What's even better about this game is its fine-tuned rewards system. Anytime you win a race in Driving School Sim, it provides you with a bunch of new coins as a prize. Once you have enough saved, you'll get to unlock all sorts of new vehicles to drive along with tons of new circuits to race on.

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