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Description of Dynamons World

Dynamons World is a Pokémon-style RPG, but this time instead of trying to catch all the Pokémon, your mission is to find and catch every last dynamon. The main difference between the two games is, instead of an open world to explore, Dynamons World has levels that players must complete in order, which creates a somewhat less dynamic game experience.

Dynamons World has an easy-to-use battle system. Each one of your dynamons has action buttons that are shown on the bottom of the screen, and your dynamons and the opponent will attack each other in turns during battles. As you fight, you can either try to damage the enemy until their life bar runs out and they're defeated, or just try to weaken them enough so you can capture them! Any dynamons you capture are then added to your group.

Dynamons World has dozens upon dozens of different creatures to catch, and the more you battle with them, the more experience they earn. As they gain experience you can level them up and teach them new, more powerful skills!

Dynamons World is an entertaining RPG that's very similar to the legendary Pokémon saga, with controls that work perfectly on touchscreen devices, great graphics, and excellent character design. How many dynamons will you be able to catch?

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