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Description of Earthquake - American Red Cross

Earthquake - American Red Cross is an application that has everything you need to know about earthquakes. First of all, the app will inform you about all the earthquakes that are taking place in the world, with detailed information about the location and magnitude of each one of them. And, secondly, it will allow you to obtain all the necessary information to prevent and react to any major ground movement.

From the first tab of Earthquake - American Red Cross you will be able to monitor all your customized alerts. These alerts are very easy to set up: all you have to do is look for the place you want to keep an eye on on the map and select it. Then, optionally, you can associate one or more contacts from your address book to the alert. This way, you can call them or send them a message quickly if something happens in their area.

The second tab of the application will allow you to take a look at what measures you should take when faced with a dangerous situation related to seismic movements. The app will show you information on how to act during an earthquake, with very simple rules to follow if you are involved in one of these catastrophes. You will also have information on what to do after an earthquake. You can even read some very interesting tips on how to prevent more serious accidents.

Although this is an app that deals with a very serious subject, Earthquake - American Red Cross also offers a bit of fun in the form of small quizzes, in which you can try to demonstrate your knowledge of earthquake prevention and earthquakes. In the third tab you will find a quiz game, with which you can test yourselves and check if you really know everything you think we know.

Earthquake - American Red Cross is a very useful earthquake application, thanks to which you can learn exactly what to do if you are ever involved in a catastrophe of great magnitude. The app will also allow you to monitor your loved ones and be aware of all the earthquakes taking place in the world.

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