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Description of Easy Urdu Keyboard

Easy Urdu Keyboard is an app that makes it easy to write in Urdu within any app available on your Android device. Thanks to this complete tool, you can write in Urdu or translate texts from English to this language spoken in Pakistan and India.

To use Easy Urdu Keyboard, you simply have to open the app and give it the necessary permissions for it to work. After completing the steps the app tells you to, you can start writing in this language instantly.

In addition to writing in Urdu directly from the keyboard, this app also lets you translate texts from English to Urdu and vice versa. And best of all, it doesn't only work with what you write, but also what you say thanks to voice recognition.

One of the great things about Easy Urdu Keyboard is that it also offers an additional tool aside from the keyboard. You'll also find an image editor that lets you make beautiful creations with Urdu. You can choose the background image, text, and even the text font.

Easy Urdu Keyboard is an excellent app for writing or translating in this language. It's an incredibly comprehensive app with some really interesting features.

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