Exion Hill Racing

Exion Hill Racing

George Varga

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(Nov 3rd, 2022)
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Description of Exion Hill Racing

Exion Hill Racing is a racing game where you have to put your concentration skills to the test as you try to reach the finish line in the shortest time possible. If you have a need for speed and you want to drive the fastest vehicles, this fun game will put you behind the steering wheel of tons of incredibly fast options.

The gameplay in Exion Hill Racing is as simple as can be. At the bottom of the screen you can see two buttons, one for moving backward and one for moving forward. Your mission is to reach the finish line by calculating the speed and slope of the mountains that you drive on. You'll need hit the gas and brake when necessary to keep going at an adequate pace.

One of the coolest things about this game is that you get to travel over tons of different landscapes. During the races, you'll have to drive over steep mountains, rugged landscapes, all kinds of jumps and even rivers where controlling your vehicle can be nearly impossible. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see your position in the race and how much farther you have to go to reach the finish line. So you need to keep on eye on every thing to make sure you get a good time and enjoy the ride without running into any obstacles.

Download Exion Hill Racing and put your concentration skills and driving abilities to the test in all sorts of settings as you improve your vehicles. Drive cars, motorcycles and even trucks on steep mountains until you reach the finish line to prove your skills behind the wheel.

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