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Description of F1 Mobile Racing

F1 Mobile Racing is the official FIA Formula 1 World Championship game which puts you behind the wheel of a bunch of real vehicles and challenges you to compete in some of the World Championship official circuits. As you may already imagine, you can compete against some of the world's best pilots such as Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen or Fernando Alonso.

Gameplay in F1 Mobile Racing is totally customizable. In other words, you have the chance to play with a virtual steering wheel, touchscreen controls or an accelerometer. If you pick that last option, you can just tilt your smartphone from one side to the other to turn your vehicle (just like you do with your real car).

F1 Mobile Racing can be played online, which lets you compete against other players in individual duels or drive solo and compete against the artificial intelligence in quick rounds. You can earn a ton of different rewards with either mode and use those rewards to customize and upgrade your vehicles.

F1 Mobile Racing is a great 3D driving game that lets you customize the controls and pick between different cameras (including an interior and an exterior one). The game also includes a bunch of different circuits, cars, pilots and a big etc.

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