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Description of Facemoji Keyboard

Facemoji Keyboard is a potent keyboard app that lets you choose from among hundreds of different skins for your Android device. And not only that: it also gives you the option to create your own skin using pictures and customizing everything down to the last detail.

From the main tab in Facemoji Keyboard you can take a look at the most popular skins of the moment, which you can easily download from the app itself. Plus you can look for specific skins using the search box. Besides the skins for your keyboard, Facemoji Keyboard also has loads of sticker and emoji packs to download and add smoothly to your normal keyboard.

One of the most interesting features in Facemoji Keyboard is that it lets you create your own fully customizable skin. You can set whatever photo you want as a background, pick the color of the keys, the size of the font, etc. In short, you can create your own keyboard.

Facemoji Keyboard is an excellent Android keyboard app that offers a stunning number of customization options. Plus, as per usual, the app has a built-in spellchecker and predictive text feature.

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