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Description of FanFiction.Net

Before Wattpad and Archive of Our Own, there was FanFiction.Net.

FanFiction.Net is a repository mostly used for fan fiction created by and for fans of any fandom. From TV shows to bands, FanFiction.Net has all kinds of fan fiction. Popular anime like Naruto and Bleach have their own sections on this app for the website that hosts thousands of stories created by fans.

Over time, and with the appearance of other platforms, FanFiction.Net began to focus on fostering a large and diverse community. On this app, you can access forums where you can discuss all kinds of things about your favorite fandom, like whether you liked the end of Harry Potter or who your favorite Supernatural character is. In FanFiction.Net's community, there's also room for role-playing games with your own characters, so whether you like to read or create content, make sure to check out the forums.

The FanFiction.Net app is perfect for anyone who's looking for a space that's been a big part of the fandom world for years. You'll have access to both new and old content. In fact, if you're worried that the community has become inactive, you're wrong: content is still being published on FanFiction.Net. You can upload your own stories in a variety of formats for all kinds of fandoms. If you want to contribute to the FanFiction.Net community, you can join the beta reader program to help others publish their stories.

If you like to read or write, don't hesitate to download the FanFiction.Net APK right now.

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