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Description of Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D is a 3D simulation game where you can pilot different planes and complete many different types of missions. In Flight Pilot Simulator 3D you have to not only cross checkpoints but also complete objectives like extinguishing fires (using firefighting planes) or rescuing shipwrecked passengers in the middle of the ocean.

At the beginning of the game, as usual in these cases, you just have one type of airplane available. However, as you complete missions and earn money, you can buy more than 20 different planes, ranging from light aircraft to firefighting planes and World War II fighter jets or bombers.

The missions in Flight Pilot Simulator 3D are wide-ranging. In some of them, you have to pick up water from the ocean to put out fires at other points on the map. You can also find traditional races and other missions where you have to land the plane at a specific airport.

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D is an excellent flight simulation game with lots of variety and brilliant quality. The graphics are quite good as well.

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