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Description of Flippy Knife

Flippy Knife is a compendium of four mini-games where you launch knives tossing them through the air in various ways to impale them into hard surfaces. Kind of like in old movies where it looks easy, but truth is it's quite difficult, and definitely NOT something you should actually be doing in real life. To some extent, Flippy Knife shows some respect to the real-life skill involved when throwing knives, as within the game itself it's still no easy task.

Flippy Knife's first mini-game consists in throwing the knife in the air, aiming to pin it upright into a stump as it falls. To do so, you'll have to slide your finger upwards with finesse. In the second mini-game, you'll be hurling knives into the spaces between platforms, while also picking up as many coins as you can. In the third, your goal is to climb as far as you can between two vertical walls, making your way upwards by the knife against the walls. And in the fourth mini-game we will have to throw the knife against a target.

With all the coins earned during the mini-games, you unlock new knives. At the beginning you'll only get two, but you can acquire over thirty different weapons to play with, including axes, swords, spears and much more. A major plus is that more than a few of these weapons will certainly ring a bell among avid gaming fans.

Flippy Knife is a fun game, offering players variety and quality in equal parts. Visuals within this game are also very good; and it's adapted constraints to 'reality' actually manage to suit real-world physics fairly faithfully.

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