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Description of Forza Street

Get behind the wheel of epic cars and race through the streets of cities all over the world in Forza Street. This 3D racing game even has a thrilling story mode packed with unique characters.

Forza Street's controls have been perfectly adapted to touchscreen devices: just use your right thumb to press the gas pedal, and your left thumb to activate the turbo. In this game, you really only need to step off the gas while going around a corner, and you can step right back on it as you exit the turn. And of course, the turbo should only be used on long, straight sections of the racetrack.

But one of Forza Street's best features is its great story mode, which has hundreds of thrilling races and loads of opponents to compete against. In story mode, you can meet new characters, unlock loads of cars, and become a famous street racer. Not only that, but you can tune up your vehicles to improve their performance or customize their look in the garage.

Forza Street is an awesome 3D racing game, with controls that work great on touchscreen devices and absolutely fantastic graphics. On top of all that, there's an absolutely overwhelming number of cars to unlock, collect, and race!

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