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Description of Fruity Heliz Jump

Let the bouncing ball jump jump around and fall down in our exciting helix jumping game! Don’t let the ball splats and touches the blue parts or you will die. Try our exciting ball dropper game and you will get addicted fast! You will find levels with oranges, pineapple, watermelon slices, or anything you usually find in the fruit basket. There is no falling fruit, but fresh fruit slices as platform. Let the ball fall and drop it down the tower & fall! Try it now for FREE.

How to Play: The gameplay is very simple: your objective is to let the bouncing ball on the tower falls down to the lowest level of the platform in each level safely. You move the platform by swiping left and right. However, you can’t just drop it carelessly. You mustn’t let the ball splats and touches the blue part of the platform. If you die, you will start the helix jumping again at the last level you play.

The ball cannot do any high jump. All it can do is to jump jump around and bouncing from the tower, falls down to any platform below it. The higher you fall, the higher you score! The level is completed when the ball splats on the bottom of the fruity tower. So are you ready to join this fun tower fall game?


???? Simple gameplay but difficult to master.

???? Simple, responsive game control. Simple swipe to rotate the platform.

???? Many variations of fruits: pineapple, kiwi, watermelon slices, or more!

???? Conquer unlimited level of challenges.

???? Minimalist but fresh game graphic and design.

???? Train your reaction time and reflex.

???? Great for the whole family: kids, adults, boys, and girls.

???? Start again at the last level you play.

There are a lot of games where the ball jump jump around and you need to perform very high jump to get to the next level. Our game is much simpler, and the objective is the opposite of the ordinary jumping ball game. You drop it down from the tower & falls down to the lowest level. At the beginning of the game you will our game very easy but later on, the levels can get very challenging! You must think and act fast!

Why do people love our game so much? People need something fresh and that’s why people love fruits. Fruit Basket is a popular theme for many games. Part of the appeal of our game is the game design that emulates the fruit slices such as kiwi, pineapple, watermelon slices, oranges, and other fruits you will find in a fruit basket. There are so many games with falling fruits. This time, it’s falling ball down the fruit platform!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s download Fruity Heliz Jump Ball Drop game now!


We really hope you enjoy this ball dropper challenge. If you enjoy this helix jumping game, please help us and support our effort by leaving a rating and review on the Play Store. We will bring more fruity and fresh games for you!

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