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Description of Fun Run 3 Arena

Fun Run 3 Arena is a zany combination between a platform and a racing game that challenges you to control a super charming animal and try to reach the finish line first. The problem is that, alongside your animal, there are three other players who are trying to reach the same objective.

Controls in Fun Run 3 Arena are simple: on the right side of the screen, you'll see the jump and duck buttons, while on the left side you'll find the button to use an object. These objects, which are scattered all over the setting, make sure that you can throw a saw towards your enemy, use a protecting shield or a turbo and everything in between.

It's important to keep in mind that it's normal for your character to die a couple of times during your a race. Each time your character jumps through the air or is shred to pieces, you'll lose a bit of time but you can continue running like you normally would. Your objective is to reach the finish line before everyone else. To accomplish your goal, absolutely anything goes.

Fun Run 3 Arena is a super fun multiplayer arcade, but, you do have to have an internet connection to play. The races last a little over a minute so this game is perfect to kill time and play quick rounds.

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