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Description of GeoGebra Geometry

GeoGebra Geometry is an impressive educational tool, focused on the field of mathematics, which offers users the possibility of performing all kinds of calculations within the field of geometry, algebra, statistics and even apply these operations in spreadsheets and graphs. Everything included in GeoGebra Geometry is accessible from a single interface, with no need to pay for extra add-ons or download additional content.

Getting started with GeoGebra Geometry is very easy once you get the hang of it, since you only need to select the type of geometric figure you want to create and place it on the screen, either manually or using the pre-generated models of the application. All these figures may be placed on a blank space, on an axis system or on a grid. The most time you will spend while using it will be looking for the functions you want within its numerous possibilities.

Once you have all the pieces you want to work with, simply click on the "Algebra" option to start calculating all kinds of parameters related to the generated figures.

GeoGebra Geometry also includes an option to implement everything it offers in the classroom in a quick and easy way.

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