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Description of Haqibat Almumin

Haqibat Almumin is a highly recommended app for Muslims because of the large number of handy tools it provides to support your worship of Islam. Straight from the main menu, you take control of each of the devotional practices that you would like to carry out daily and set up all kinds of reminders on your smartphone.

In Haqibat Almumin there's a full menu with circular icons for each section. This allows you to monitor each of the functions and set up a calendar to mark each day of prayer as well as a clock timer to track the amount of time that remains until your next moment of prayer.

In addition, from the main screen there's a background with an outstanding image and an passage of determination. From the lower area of the interface you can control the location, the time or the remaining hours until your next new prayer of the Quran. It should be noted that you can also set certain alarms to get a heads-up for the right time to recite new verses of the Muslim holy word.

Haqibat Almumin is quite an interesting tool that allows you to relax and not worry about ever forgetting each time of prayer. We are dealing with a great tool that has countless well-organized Quran quotes.

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