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(Jun 23th, 2022)
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Description of Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon is an action game where you control a flying, fire-breathing dragon and feed on everything that stands, flies or swims in your way. And everything means everything. The only off-limit snack for your dragon is anything bigger than itself. Even better, if you find something that doesn’t fit inside your dragon jaws, you can likely smash through or burn it down it with your fiery dragon's breath.

Hungry Dragon's control system is adapted to touch devices. By default, you control your dragon via a virtual joystick with the touch of your thumb. If you press any area of the screen with your other thumb, you can propel your dragon at full speed. This method is easy, but if you'd rather use the device's accelerometer, you can turn it on from the options menu, which allows you to control the dragon by tilting your device from one side to the other.

Your main goal in Hungry Dragon is to score as many points as possible by constantly feeding your dragon. If not, it will get too hungry and eventually faint. To stop this, you’ll need to relentlessly explore the world, searching for new prey. When controlling smaller dragons, birds, spiders, goblins or sheep will suffice. But as you start to control bigger dragons, you’ll be able to devour orcs, monsters and even other dragonkind.

Without a doubt, one of Hungry Dragon’s main strengths is the spectacular medieval open world. The game takes place in a huge two-dimensional setting that you can freely explore. You can fly in any direction and discover tons of new areas: from watery spots where you dive into dangerous caverns full of monsters to deep goblin mines crowded with breakable (and burnable!) machinery. The world is full of all kinds of secrets and surprises to unveil as you play.

Hungry Dragon is an outstanding action game with a fun and original approach. You’d struggle to find any other title so highly addictive where you can get into the skin of a dragon and devastate everything in your path. The game also features over half a dozen different dragons that you can unlock one by one, as well as a variety of skins to give each of these impressive flying beasts a unique look.

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