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Description of Iraq Arabic Keyboard

Iraq Arabic Keyboard is a smart keyboard designed specifically for all those people who write in Arabic and are looking for a complete, reliable, and simple option that allows them to communicate in writing on Android. This tool has all kinds of functions that will make life easier when writing any message in this language.

One of the great advantages this app offers is that it supports a huge number of languages, in addition to Arabic. So even if your first language is this one, you can write messages, words, or phrases in another language and Iraq Arabic Keyboard will even correct any mistakes.

Furthermore, the app has a predictive system that lets you write complete messages without typing. Thanks to this feature, you'll save a ton of time selecting the words you want to use to continue your sentences. On the other hand, its grammar checker will help you correct any mistakes with a single tap. It also has a dictionary to which you can add words that you want to use but don't exist or variants that you prefer so that the spell-checker doesn't mark them as errors.

Along with all the above features, Iraq Arabic Keyboard includes a special function that will help you in many situations: its real-time translator. With this extra feature, you'll be able to type text and translate it at the same time or copy sentences automatically in another language without having to retype them. Iraq Arabic Keyboard is one of the best options available for writing messages in Arabic on your Android device.

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