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Jungle Adventures 3

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Description of Jungle Adventures 3

Jungle Adventures 3 is the third installment in the Jungle Adventures series. What you have here is a challenging horizontal-scrolling platformer with a gameplay that's similar to games like the awesome Crash Bandicoot. Here, you play a wild child that's openly based on Tarzan, who decides to go out and look for fruit after realizing that the storage supplies are dwindling.

The gameplay in Jungle Adventures 3 couldn't be simpler: in the lower part of the screen, you'll find the controls for moving, jumping, and attacking. You can move forward or backward using the arrows on the left, collect objects and throw them with the throw button, and jump with the jump button. Throughout the jungle, you'll find all sorts of surfaces to play with to get the most fruit possible. This means you can slide down water slides, and jump when you need to, or swing through the jungle by holding onto vines and jumping from one to the other to get the highest fruits. You can also climb through vertical gardens or simply run through the jungle.

Just like in Crash Bandicoot, in Jungle Adventures 3, you can unlock new worlds which you can access from inter-dimensional portals. As you pass through the levels, you'll see new portals with adventures to discover.

Set off on a new adventure with a friendly little jungle child in this wonderful platformer. Aside from its charming graphics and fluid and addictive gameplay, the game has high production values that make for an all-around great game.

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