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Description of Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser is an Android browser that allows you to surf the internet at extra high speed without consuming too much memory on your device. Thanks to its lightweight interface and the fact that it was developed using Chromium and WebKit, it'll only take a few seconds to load the content that interests you the most.

One of the outstanding aspects of Kiwi Browser is that it lets you add a large number of extensions that other internet browsers for smartphones simply do not support. For example, you'll get to install a number of different ad blockers and get the possibility to install grid view on Google Meet.

Kiwi Browser also features an acclaimed night mode that makes your interface display in darker shades close to black. And it comes with an added layer of protection against a number of different threats. You can also manage and select the sites you want displayed on your home screen.

Kiwi Browser allows you to visit a number of different websites comfortably from your smartphone. Plus, you'll gain extra speed when it comes to file downloads.

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