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Description of LifeAfter (Global)

Life After is a 3D action survival game. Players control one of the last survivors left after the zombie apocalypse has ravaged modern society. Now it's up to you to find shelter, build defence walls, collaborate with other survivors, and of course combat against a ton of evil monsters.

Before you begin to play, you have to create your survivalist. Choose from a handful of customisation options to create a unique character to embody. Pick if you'd prefer to play as a woman or as a man, select their tools, hairstyle, facial structure and much more. Plus you can also select their ethnicity and pick out their pet sidekick.

Control systems in Life After are simple. Towards your left, there's a virtual stick to control movement. On your right, you'll find action buttons to control reloading and jumping. Also on your right, you'll find there's a mini-map to help you find you way around. This item is particularly important when it comes to gaining your bearings on your surroundings, plus it provides a shortcut to your inventory of weapons and other tools.

Build your own tools by using any of the resources you pick up on your ventures out. Use rocks, hemp, wood and more to craft axes, knives, booby-traps, barricades and whatever else you need to stay alive. But, in Life After building more complex structures is also an option. You can even lay the groundwork for buildings and then pound in walls, floors, doors, windows, tables, balconies and much more.

The main difference between Life After and other survival games like Last Day on Earth is that you'll find there's a full backstory to this game and it comes with much more complex characters. The backdrop for this story unfolds in a much more immersive environment spanning over several types of terrain, with more detail and more areas to roam. All of which make for a more engaging gaming experience.

Life After is an excellent survival game. Its lush, highly customisable 3D graphics, along with its overarching online options -- you can forge alliances and collaborate with other survivalists via the Internet -- make for a riveting title that you can play at your own leisure; as long as the zombies don't get you first.

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