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Description of Little Krishna

Little Krishna is an endless runner styled very similarly to the classic Android hit Subway Surfers. Players take control of the journey of the young Lord Krishna on his quest to aid Chandrika escape. However, Chandrika is quite angry with Lord Krishna accusing him of stealing Makhan.

Gameplay in Little Krishna is as you'd expect from this genre. Swiping towards one side of the screen has Lord Krishna moving left and right; while swiping up has him jumping, and swiping down will get him to crouch down low. That way you'll be able to dodge any obstacles that cross your path as you run.

During each race, you'll come across a huge array of different obstacles including bulls, elephants, rivers of lava, giant boulders and even the giantess Putana. Even the tiniest misstep can mean game over, sending you all the way back to start. Luckily, you'll also be able to pick up 'power-ups' as you go that'll boost your speed and help you make it that little bit further each time.

Little Krishna is a very amusing endless runner. Its graphics are premium. It has a number of new characters for you to unlock and a finely tuned control system.

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