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Merge Defense 3D

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Description of Merge Defense 3D

Merge Defense 3D is a strategy game where you have to hold on as long as possible without the cubes reaching the bottom of the screen. To do this you must place your towers and attack them according to the power they possess.

Playing Merge Defense 3D is quite simple since it resembles the simplest tower defense in terms of its mechanics: you place the towers in the available holes at the bottom and they attack the cubes in their row each turn. The key to this game is that you can merge towers of the same level to increase their firepower.

Not only will you have to shoot at the blocks that are moving down, but also at the keys and diamonds that are sticking out on the board. Keys will enable you to get a new tower and diamonds which become the payment currency to use on purchasing different power-ups: bombs that lower the life of the enemy cubes by half, extra keys, a freeze to give you free turns...

Merge Defense 3D is an entertaining strategy title that becomes more and more complicated as you play. Overall, it's a game with simple graphics and results that make it perfect for all types of smartphones.

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