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Description of Microsoft Edge Dev

Microsoft Edge Dev is one of the versions of Edge that lets you test the latest features being introduced in the web browser. Like Chrome, Edge has four versions: Stable, Beta, Dev and Canary, ordered from most to least stable. The Beta version is updated every four weeks; the Dev version, every week; and the Canary version, every day.

The Canary version is automatically compiled daily regardless of any changes that have been made to it. As a result, the app may sometimes not even open. With the Dev version, you have the advantage of being able to test some of the newer features, but with the assurance that the version has been tested by the Microsoft Edge team for potentially serious bugs. However, there may be some minor bugs related to the new introduced features, so a flawless user experience without glitches is not guaranteed.

If you use Microsoft Edge Dev, you can also send feedback and suggestions to Microsoft about your user experience of the latest features. Your feedback is key to removing or not removing some of the features added to the browser.

If you want to use Microsoft's web browser with the latest features and with a minimum of guaranteed stability, download the Microsoft Edge Dev APK.

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