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Description of Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a Microsoft app oriented to data analysis and graphical representation. With it, you can deepen the statistical analysis of a group of data and visualize them graphically to understand them better or use them to support your explanations.

To create content, you will have to use the computer app. With Microsoft Power BI for Android you can view the contents and annotate them or share them with your colleagues, but you cannot modify them. You can also view the comments left by your colleagues and add your own.

So, the main advantage of Microsoft Power BI is the ability to have to hand detailed and visually pleasing analyses in a very simple way, since the app analyzes the data and displays it in a visual and clear way.

The app also sends alerts and notifications when new content has been added or shared with you. You will also be notified if a piece of content has been modified with important data, such as sales data for the last quarter.

If you use Microsoft Power BI on your computer, downloading the Microsoft Power BI APK will allow you to comment and view content anywhere from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

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