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Description of Microsoft SwiftKey Beta

Microsoft SwiftKey Beta is here to provide you with a whole slew of new features for your Android keyboard. In fact, by downloading this app, you'll be automatically updated with all the newest features for your SwiftKey keyboard -- before they're out for the general public via Microsoft's SwiftKey Beta program.

Microsoft SwiftKey Beta lets you make the most of all the benefits this keyboard has to offer, including increased speed and a minimal number of errors when typing. In fact, its predictive text capabilities actually construct sentences for you without having to complete each word manually.

Another unique feature in Microsoft SwiftKey Beta is that you gain access to a huge number of customization options to choose from. Whenever you want, you can change the palette of colors for your keyboard, as well as adapt the writing format to fit your needs. It also comes with a wide number of additional languages to download and install for this tool.

Microsoft SwiftKey Beta puts you at the forefront of keyboard technology, and all the new features as they're rolled out for Android. That means you get the best of predictive text features, new emoji, GIFs and much more to add some fun and flare to your chats without the hassle of using additional outside apps.

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