Mint Keyboard (Deprecated)

Mint Keyboard (Deprecated)

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Description of Mint Keyboard (Deprecated)

Mint Keyboard (Deprecated) is a user-friendly keyboard created by Xiaomi that's packed with features. It's an app that follows in the footsteps of Mint Browser to offer Android users a fantastic alternative to the more commonly-used keyboard apps.

After activating Mint Keyboard (Deprecated) on your device, you can start using its most interesting features: fluid typing either by tapping on each letter or sliding your finger around, word suggestions and predictions that improve the more you use it, tons of different themes to choose from, and so on. This keyboard definitely doesn't disappoint when it comes to high-quality customization options to choose from.

You'll also find stickers and GIFs in Mint Keyboard (Deprecated), with a huge selection that you can expand with packs found in the store. The emojis are organized so you can find the ones you want to use quickly and you can even add shortcuts to the ones you use most to find these ones instantly.

Mint Keyboard (Deprecated) is an elegant and minimalist keyboard that's easily comparable to Gboard and other classic keyboards for smartphones. It offers tons of interesting features, along with an enormous number of customization options: its numerous themes, stickers and GIFs make it easy to find an interesting option for every occasion.

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