MoboReader - eBooks & Digital Reading

MoboReader - eBooks & Digital Reading

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Description of MoboReader - eBooks & Digital Reading

If you're looking for a platform where you can read your favorite books and discover other types of literary genres, then MoboReader - eBooks & Digital Reading is for you. This is one of the best options to enjoy any kind of text in a completely customized way.

The app was created in a way that you can access your books and store them easily in the same place, letting you get to them with just one click and keep reading without skipping a beat. MoboReader - eBooks & Digital Reading records your activity so you'll always know where you left off in each book.

Inside each book, you'll find several visual elements to make your life a bit easier: the percentage you've read so far in each chapter, your smartphone's battery percentage, current time and chapter you're reading. These features make it easier for you to know where you are in your book, how much of it you have left and the time you spend reading. Also, if you click on the center of the screen you can find a light dimming system that allows you to adjust your smartphone's brightness during the day or night and avoid damaging your eyes. Slide your finger from one side to the other and discover a world of features that MoboReader - eBooks & Digital Reading includes for your comfort.

You can add books to the main screen, either from your smartphone's memory or from the app's library. Discover a new way to read and submerge yourself into literature in a really unique way.

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