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Moscow transport

Moscow Department of Transport

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Description of Moscow transport

Moscow transport is the official app from the Russian Ministry of Transport. With it, you can easily move around Moscow using various modes of transportation, such as the metro or buses.

Thanks to Moscow transport, you can plan your routes to make them as fast and efficient as possible. You can combine a wide variety of transportation modes, including buses, subways, bicycles, private vehicles, and more. The remaining ETA will be displayed at all times.

Moscow transport also shows you if your intended mode of transportation has amenities such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, or accessibility for people with disabilities.

Moscow transport also compiles information from all the Twitter accounts for transportation companies in the city. Thanks to this, you'll always be aware of the latest changes and possible inconveniences that you may encounter along your route.

One of the most interesting features of Moscow transport is the chance to talk with other travelers. By accessing your location, this app lets you chat according to the route you've taken, discussing things like the trip, the driver, or any other transportation-related topic.

If you want to move around Moscow with ease, downloading the Moscow transport APK is one of the best options out there.

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