Mountain Climb 4x4 : Car Drive

Mountain Climb 4x4 : Car Drive

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Description of Mountain Climb 4x4 : Car Drive

Mountain Climb 4x4 : Car Drive is a 4x4 vehicle driving game where you'll have to complete a series of missions. Each mission has two objectives: first, you've got to collect all the coins scattered around the track. Secondly, you must reach the final part of the map without falling on your way. If you fall off either side of the path, you'll have to start the level from the beginning.

As you progress in the game, you'll be able to buy more expensive vehicles. These vehicles can be purchased with the coins you get when completing each mission, or you can get them by watching a certain amount of ads. The coolest-looking cars cost around 10 to 20 ads.

Each vehicle in Mountain Climb 4x4 : Car Drive has different features and driving characteristics, and you can edit some of the specifications of each vehicle, for parameters such as maneuverability, the engine or the brakes. The game adds new vehicles and maps every month.

There are two options for controlling the cars: either use a virtual steering wheel that you turn or your device's accelerometer. It's a shame that there is no on-screen push button option, as that option allows a bit more precision when it comes to turning the 4x4.

So if you like driving games where you have to drive incredibly well to complete each level, downloading the Mountain Climb 4x4 : Car Drive APK is an excellent choice.

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