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Description of MT Manager

MT Manager is one of the most popular APK file editors for Android. To take full advantage of this app, you'll need to have root permissions. With superuser permissions, you will be able to modify user and system apps. When editing these apps, you can edit Dex, ARSC and XML code, as well as optimize, clone and sign apps, remove verifications and even add translations. Thus, you can delete unnecessary files from an app and gain storage space.

In addition to modifying apps, MT Manager has a file explorer feature. As it requires root permissions to leverage all its features, MT Manager also lets you access system folders that are normally hidden if the device is not rooted. You'll be able to mount system folders and modify file permissions and ownership.

MT Manager also lets you to create and extract compressed files in ZIP format. You can even access their contents without having to unzip them. You can also view images, listen to music, edit text, run scripts, access an FTP connection from your device and many more.

It should be noted that this tool is only recommended for advanced users, since any change made to an app can cause it to stop working and generate issues on the device. If are confident and sure of what you are doing, you can download the APK from MT Manager.

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Jan 27th, 2023

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