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Description of Muslim Muna

Muslim Muna is an app that anyone of the Muslim faith can use to keep track of their daily prayers conveniently, right on their phone. This handy app gives you a nice and organized main menu where you can keep track of all the prayers you've completed throughout the day. Plus, it also gives you a nice handful of features for scheduling each prayer session.

In Muslim Muna you're also given the option to quickly see where Mecca is, at just a glance. The app uses your phone's position to easily find out exactly which direction you need to face in order to pray. It doesn't matter where you are, you'll find Mecca without a problem.

Furthermore, Muslim Muna also offers more than 15 Hadith that will help`you follow the Sunnah right on your phone. Thanks to all this, you'll always have plenty of sayings on hand to take a look at them whenever you need them. And on top of all that, this app also provides audio clips of the Quran so you can listen to each prayer.

Muslim Muna gives you everything you need to follow a complete prayer process. On a daily basis, you'll be able to use your phone as your main tool for finding different religious content when it comes time to connect with your Islamic faith.

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