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My City : Babysitter

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Description of My City : Babysitter

My City : Babysitter is a fun game designed for children that's part of the well-known My Town Games franchise. In this title, the player's main objective is to become a nanny for a day and have fun with babies.

As usual for this type of game, in My City : Babysitter, you can visit different areas of the city related to childcare. To do so, simply tap on the screen, after which the selected space will begin to load. If you want to check out your surroundings, you'll have to swipe to the right or to the left, as the scenery is depicted in 2D.

Each area has its own special features and characteristic objects. The main setting in My City : Babysitter is the nursery, which is where the babies in the game are cared for. This nursery has its own kitchen, play area, rest area, and bathrooms. All the objects that appear are interactive and react in some way when you tap on them. Near the nursery, you can visit the toy store and the clothing store. With the money you earn while playing, you can buy objects or accessories for your favorite babies.

My City : Babysitter is a free game, but it contains ads. The ads can be somewhat intrusive at times, so the app offers in-app purchases to remove them.

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