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Description of My Favorite Car

My Favorite Car is a game for Android where you can customize different vehicles while living adventures in a city. By selecting the parts and components that most interest you, throughout each game, you will have the option of tuning your cars to obtain racing cars that you can sell to other players.

In My Favorite Car, you have 3D graphics that greatly help customize the cars with realism. It should be noted that the development of the action takes place in the first person, making you have to open doors or collect pieces under a subjective view.

To move around each map area, tap on the directional joystick on the screen. The action buttons will be concentrated on the right side of the interface. With these keys, you can jump, select parts to install in the vehicles, or rotate the perspective of each element in your hands. In short, you will have it very easy to form each car from the garage you have in the garden at home.

My Favorite Car has many parts and cars you can build from a workshop outside your home. During each day, you will be in charge of assembling the different cars to sell the resulting models to increase your available budget.

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