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My Horse Stories

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Description of My Horse Stories

My Horse Stories is a fun casual game where players can experience the story of a young city girl whose father decides to send her to live with her family on the farm where they have stables with event horses. Shortly after arriving, you will meet a boy your age who is determined to make you fall in love with the equestrian world.

In My Horse Stories, you have to complete a series of tasks on the farm. The chores are things like giving fodder to the foal for him to eat, filling water trough, brushing and washing him, giving him prizes... After some time, you will go to horse jumping championships that will give you points to use on clothing and accessories for you and your four-legged friend.

At the same time, a friendship story is developed in My Horse Stories through a role-playing game where you have to make decisions to start friendships with different kids who are usually in the stables taking care of their own horses.

My Horse Stories is the perfect game for horse lovers who want to get a rough idea of day-to-day life in a stable and the type of care that horses need to grow strong and healthy. What's more, the graphics are fantastic.

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