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Description of Naver Calendar

Naver Calendar is a calendar application developed by Naver. With it, you can note down all kinds of events and reminders so that you don't miss anything important. You can also make to-do lists and mark tasks as completed as you finish them.

As with other calendar applications, it has a widget that can be placed on the desktop so you can see all the upcoming events that month at a glance. It also offers additional features not found in other calendar applications, such as 700 free stickers to personalize the app.

Naver Calendar also shows you the weather forecast when you enter the app, as well as a summary of what you have to do that day. The calendar is also synchronized with your PC and the cloud, so you can access it from any device without worrying about losing your tasks.

To see all events and tasks, there are monthly, weekly, or daily view options; by swiping sideways, you can move to the next month, week or day.

So, if you are looking for a comprehensive calendar application and work with the Naver ecosystem, you can download the Naver Calendar APK.

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